A Mixed Methods Investigation of Dementia-Related Anxiety

Lead Researcher: 
Molly Maxfield, PhD
Project Contact: 
Molly Maxfield, PhD Molly.Maxfield@asu.edu
Project Description: 
Public awareness of Alzheimer’s disease and related disorders (ADRD) has grown through media coverage, information campaigns, and personal experience with individuals diagnosed with ADRD. For some individuals, the thought of possibly developing ADRD generates dementia-related anxiety. We interviewed cognitively healthy middle-aged and older adults about their thoughts and feelings about dementia and dementia-related anxiety. Data analysis is in progress, and initial themes include worry about being unable to care for one’s self and fear of becoming a burden on others. Additionally, many individuals acknowledged a lack of preparedness for future care needs if diagnosed with ADRD.
Project Sponsor: 
National Institute on Aging and Angels Against Alzheimer’s Foundation